About Tim Clement

I started making furniture professionally in 1986 here in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, where I have lived for many years. I operated portable sawmills for about a dozen years and always wanted to make something with all of that beautiful lumber going through my hands. Now, in the workshop I built in 1996, I design and build heritage furniture with the woods that grow on the local mountains.  I also utilize hardwoods that grow in the eastern part of the continent.

I have always had a bent for mechanical things, which shows in the equipment I use in my shop. I have built or modified almost every major tool that I use. I started by building a computer controlled router (my “gizmo”) and moved on to a variety of sanders including a widebelt sander. Jigs are a common item in the shop because I like to work so often with curves and difficult joinery.

I am self-taught as a furniture builder with lots of help from experimentation, observation,  repairs to old furniture, and most especially Fine Woodworking magazine. When I was growing up I never paid much attention to furniture. Now when I go into a different house or setting I can sometimes be caught looking even under the pieces of furniture to see the details of how they were made and how they are standing up to use.  My philosophy in constructing furniture is to build it to serve generations. Much of my furniture design incorporates mortise and tenon joinery, the standard in high quality furniture construction, which withstands changes in humidity.

My philosophy of life is to leave a small footprint  on the planet, and so I can frequently be found pedaling my mountain bike around the Sunshine Coast where I live.