Garden Bench

This classic outdoor bench is suited to a deck, garden, path or entryway. This design is especially comfortable to sit in because of the shape of the seat. The red cedar wood is very durable outdoors. The joinery is mortise and tenon throughout, with waterproof glue. The bench is supplied with an oil finish that brings out the beauty of the wood but will not peel. It is available in a love seat size (4 feet long) a three-seat size (5 ½ feet long), and a single seat size as well as custom sizes to fit any situation. These benches can be seen in UBC Botanical Gardens and the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Finish: oiled
Size overall: 35”H x 48” (66”) (26 ½”)W x 25”D
Wood: red cedar
Price: $590 4 foot bench
$640 5 ½ foot bench
$430 single seat